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zoe bag


zoe bag

Learn to construct this versatile bag with
sophisticated style and practical features.

Rachel Derstine is an award winning fiber artist and educator who believes in the potential of everyone to find their creative flow given the right tools and encouragement.  She has sold hundreds of bags in addition to her quilts at Art and Craft Shows across the country.  You may see Rachel’s artwork at


What is included in this class?

Learn what types of fabrics are best to choose for long lasting and practical use.

Learn all the sources for hardware, stabilizers and zippers for your bag.

Get a PDF download for cutting dimensions for cutting out your fabrics and stabilizers.


PDF Supply List
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Supply list

Use medium weight upholstery fabric for outer fabric.  If you wish to use quilting weight or light weight linen, fuse with Pellon SF101 Shape Flex before constructing the bag.  Quilting cotton will not produce a long lasting bag which can stand up to normal wear and tear.

Lining should also be sturdy and a light color.  Have you ever tried to find things in a bag with black lining?  Not fun!  I use a twill like Premier Prints Scribble Storm Twill

I like Timtex for a sturdy pocket.  If you wish to make a smaller pocket or a divided pocket with two compartments this is not necessary.  Shape Flex will work, too.

Be sure to stitch forward and backward over all ends of zippers multiple times if you are using zipper tape like mine rather than Coats and Clark zippers with stops.


I have made and sold hundreds of bags.  These choices for fabrics are recommended after seeing customers bring back their well used bags for repairs.  After using the above fabrics I have no longer seen bags which are falling apart.

This is not a “quilty” bag.  It is sleek, medium sized, and has a refined silhouette.  It has a back zipper pocket big enough to safely carry your passport, front panel pocket for keys and phone, and one inner pocket for sunglasses and lipstick.  There is plenty of space for your wallet and water bottle inside.  The black canvas protects against dirt and wear.  The web strap is adjustable with a slide buckle and the swivel snap gives you flexibility.

Outer Fabric

Front Panel

12” x 7.5” – 1

12” x 1.25” – 1

Front Main

12”x 9.5” – 1


12” x 7” – 1

12” x 3” – 1

Black Canvas or Duck

12” x 3.25” – 2

Lining (see notes above)

Front Panel

12” x 7.5” – 1

12” x 2.5” – 1


12” x 7” – 1

12” x 7.5” – 1


12” x 12” – 2


9” x 16”


9” x 8”

Batting for Front Panel for quilting (you may quilt this panel or choose not to quilt it)

12” x 7.5” – 1

Bosal In-R-Form Sew in Foam Stabilizer

12” x 23” – 1



Zipper Tape

#5 coil yardage

12” – 2

Nickel Long Pulls for #5 yardage

Pulls – 2

You may opt to use regular 12” Coats and Clark Zippers to match your outer fabric rather than this zipper tape and pulls

Web Strap

1″ – Polypropylene Webbing, Light Medium Weight, Poly Strap

1” x 54” – 1

1” x 3” – 1


D Ring

1” split D rings

1” – 1

Swivel Clasp

1 inch swivel clasp

1” – 1

Slide Buckle

Moveable Bar Slide Strap Adjuster

1” – 1


Sewing machine needles Universal 80/12 – be sure to have extra on hand since they can easily break when stitching over zipper teeth.    Just plan on it happening.  Do not pull on your fabric as it travels through the feed dogs.

Thread to match your outer fabric – I use Aurifil 50 wt

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