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Strata Quilt


This is the online version of the Virtual Live Strata Quilt Class

It includes recordings of the virtual live class


Above is the new Layered Strata Landscape just added to the Strata Class.  Learn to create a quilt in this lively design full of color, movement and texture.  We will create a background using curved piecing then use it as a canvas on which to add more design elements.  Applique of organza circles and couching of yarns will add depth and movement.  Screen printing with paint will also be an optional part of the class.

Rachel Derstine is an award winning fiber artist and educator who believes in the potential of everyone to find their creative flow given the right tools and encouragement.  You may see Rachel’s artwork at




What is included in this class?

Choosing great color and texture combinations for this quilt and how to arrange them for the desired size.

How to do curved piecing.  We do this to create movement in your piece.  Watch how they magically lay flat when you cut them out correctly and press.

Learn some great ideas for how to quilt with easy free motion designs.

Cut out and stitch organza circles to the surface of your quilt.  Single and double needle stitch will be demonstrated.  Learn how to keep it a circle and how not to let it turn into an “egg”.

Learn to couch yarn to the surface of your quilt.  This is wonderful way to add definition to your circles and also to add movement across the quilt.

Watch a demonstration of screen printing with paint to add leaves, snowflakes or other geometric designs to your quilt.  (This is an optional portion to the class.  Everyone may watch the demo – but you may choose not to purchase the added supplies or to create this feature.)

Learn to face the quilt rather than use a traditional binding.

You will also have access to links for recordings of the Virtual Live Zoom class version of this class.  You will find the interaction between students helpful and benefit from seeing their work.

The Layered Strata Landscape Quilt is a new addition to this class.

See the Supply Lists for information on how to order kits.  You have the option to purchase a kit for the Original Strata Quilt or the  Layered Strata Landscape Quilt

There is also a Free Pattern for the Layered Strata Landscape Quilt.





Click Here to see the Supply List for the original Strata Quilt

Click here to see the Layered Strata Landscape Supply list


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  • PDF Layered Strata Landscape Supply List
  • PDF Layered Strata Quilt Free Pattern
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  • Links to Virtual Live Zoom class recordings
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