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Linen Jacket

Katherine Tilton Pattern

linen jacket

I actually made this linen jacket last spring but had to wait forever for the buttons to arrive from JoAnn’s.  This was during the pandemic lock down.  When they finally arrived I decided they were just awful! So I then ordered some wonderful metal buttons on Etsy and was so much happier with them.

All was good and I finished the jacket but then the weather got so hot I couldn’t imagine wearing a long sleeved jacket to take photos!  That’s why I’m posting this lovely linen creation in September.  Hope you like it.

I chose Katherine Tilton’s oversized jacket from Butterick.  It’s a nice jean jacket but roomy and longer than the traditional style.  I did not include the extended front band – what’s up with that?

linen jacket buttons

I cut this out in the size Large and it is huge on me.  I am short so I also adjusted the length.

I purchased this gorgeous cross weave linen from DucksnFoxes Shop on Etsy.  This is the Navy-Mint Chambray color.  I love it as it goes great with blue jeans.  She has so many gorgeous color choices.  The fabric ships from Ukraine so allow some time for it to arrive.

linen jacket linen

The pattern suggests snap closures which was a great idea.  No button holes to make!  The buttons are just for show.  There are two front pockets accessed from the horizontal front seams.  The linen fabric sagged there in a rather unflattering fashion so I just stitched them closed.

Linen Jacket water works


It also has an elliptical hem so the back is slightly lower than the front.

linen jacket back

Rod was a good sport and walked around the Rodin museum and Fairmount Water Works to take these shots.

linen jacket Rodin

What do you THINK??

I actually love wearing this jacket and it’s a perfect light garment for those cross over seasons of Spring and Fall.  I adjusted the sizing quite a bit so if I had to do it over again I would size down one size.

Anyone need some blue plastic buttons?

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