Free Videos

Welcome to the free resources page.  Are you an absolute beginner and need help just learning how to thread and operate your sewing machine?  Then you are in the right place.  Even if you have been sewing or quilting for awhile it might be good for you to watch this video to learn some good habits.

Click on the photo below to watch the Sewing Machine Basics video.

Do you love the clean look of art quilts that have those clean edges with no binding?  The secret is in that we use a facing.  This is a dressmaking technique which is used to finish off the closures of shirts, pants and skirts.  If offers a clean finished edge.  Want to learn how?

Click on the picture below to watch the Sew Facings Like a Pro video.


Do you love to sew but haven’t done it in a long time?  Here is a great mini course to get you back in the groove.  I detail how to fit the pattern to your body measurements and what fabrics to choose.   This is a very flattering pattern with several options for length and sleeves.  Ready to give it a try?

Click on the picture below to watch the Summer Top – Free Mini Course.

Summer Top - Mini Course