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Artful Couching – Virtual Live Zoom Class


If you are a current student of the Artful Quilting ONline Course you may join us for a Discounted refresher class.  Watch your email for a coupon code.
Join us for a 6 hour virtual interactive Zoom class. The class will be divided into two 3 hour segments, one week apart:

Session 1 – Wednesday, September 1, 2021 12 PM – 3PM Eastern Time
Session 2 – Wednesday, September 8, 2021 12 PM – 3PM Eastern Time

Learn to create this lively and intriguing quilt full of movement and depth.

Rachel Derstine is an award winning fiber artist and educator who believes in the potential of everyone to find their creative flow given the right tools and encouragement.  You may see Rachel’s artwork at

Here is a gorgeous quilt made by Elizabeth O’Donnell who is enrolled in Artful Quilting.

artful couching

What is included in this class?

Choosing great fabric, yarn and thread combinations for this quilt.

Layering of your quilt sandwich of quilt top, stabilizer, batting and backing. Suggestions will be given on how to baste and quilt.

Learn how to best set up your sewing machine for couching.  A thread holder behind the machine, one inch piece of straw taped to the top of your machine, and several choices of cording feet which work best for couching.

Learn to couch yarn to the surface of your quilt.  This is wonderful way to add definition and texture to your quilt. It also adds movement and flow across the quilt.

Learn to face the quilt rather than use a traditional binding.


Video Clips

You will have access 24/7 to video clips presented in class.

Supply List

supply list

Striped Batik – 38” x 18”

Google – Search: Patina Hand Paints or Stripe Batik – Item Search: stripe batik

Also, carries beautiful Patina Hand Paints

or you may use any fabric of your preference.

Backing, facing & sleeve – 1 yard

Batting – 38” x 18”

Stabilizer of your choice.  I use Pellon 806 Stitch n’ Tear – 38” x 18”

(We will be adding a layer of stabilizer into our quilt sandwich before basting it all together)

Thread – these are what I like to use but you may have your own favorites

Madeira – Super Twist #30 – 2 or more colors

Glide Thread

YLI Harriet Hargrave’s Monofilament Clear


Assorted colors to match – 3 colors or more

Use worsted weight or use 2-3 strands together to match that weight

Don’t be afraid to try a variety of yarns

Fray Check by Dritz

Rotary Cutter and Mat


Chalk Board Chalk or your marking tool of choice to mark curvy lines if you wish

Sewing machine with ability to zig zag stitch

Cording, open toe or couching foot:  Bernina #21, #20, #1, or comparable foot for your brand of machine

Walking foot for quilting.

Starbucks Large Straw

Masking Tape

twists and Curves



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