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Architecture Quilt Process

1830 Rittenhouse

I recently finished this architecture quilt and wanted to briefly show a pictorial flow of the process.

I’ll skip the photo resizing and tracing for now since I already covered that in a previous post.

Here’s a photo of the building, the view somewhat obstructed by trees.  I actually based this work on a composite of several photographs so that more of the building would be in view.

I used a beautiful blue gradient from Vicki Welsh for the background and, also, a grey gradient for the building. I used several other hand dyed fabrics in various colors for the surrounding buildings.  I actually wasn’t sure how tall the adjacent buildings were because they were obstructed by trees.  I just guessed since it didn’t really matter.

It’s always daunting to begin a new building since you have to be sure to get all the perspectives right in the detail work.  I just began at the top and used various mouldings and roof lines for registration lines.  I used the Micron pen and ruler to get the basic horizontal and vertical lines down, then the going got easier.

Several areas were left blank because I knew they would later be covered with tree branches.

I added more windows on the adjacent buildings and began adding the trees and foliage.

This architecture quilt is different from previous ones because the view is framed with tree foliage.  It actually made it a little easier to create.

After stitching down all the buildings and tiny windows with monofilament thread the foliage was stitched with various shades of green thread.

The sky was quilted with a simple horizontal design.  I chose not to quilt this one with spiral quilting since there was already so much quilting on it already.

This quilt is only 14″ x 18″ so I mounted it on black painted gallery wrapped canvas.  I have ordered a floater frame for it and will post a picture on the listing once it arrives.

You may find the listing for this work here.

If you are interested in learning the detailed process of creating an architecture quilt you may sign up for my class here.

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