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Advanced Landscape

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Learn the techniques I like to use to create fantasy landscape quilts full of color and depth.  In this class we will be focusing in depth on various multi media techniques which you may use on your landscape quilts. This is landscape quilting which suggests a scene but we are not necessarily going for realism.   You may wish to focus on only some of the techniques I offer or you may wish to learn them all.  There will be an extensive supply list. You may wish to learn all or just some of the techniques offered so please consider the supply list carefully. You may wish to create a landscape quilt to finish by the end of this class or you may wish to just focus on mastering the various techniques now to use on a future landscape quilt.

Rachel Derstine is an award winning fiber artist and educator who believes in the potential of everyone to find their creative flow given the right tools and encouragement.  You may see Rachel’s artwork at



What is included in this class?

How to use various apps and software to manipulate images to prepare them for loading and cutting on your Cricut machine.

Painting Evolon (nonwoven product) adding fusing to the back and cutting your own designs on the Cricut machine.

How to use various painting and screen printing techniques on your quilts.  Learning how different textile paints behave on textiles.

Using Intense pencils or Inktense blocks for coloring and shading on your fabrics or Evolon product.

Using your own stencils created on the Cricut machine to paint foliage on your landscape quilts.

Printing images on your home printer onto silk or cotton or sending them to Spoonflower to be printed.

Using PrismaColor markers for shading and creating shadows on your landscape quilts.  How to identify your light source.

How to do thread painting for shading with various colors of thread

Using couching on your domestic or longarm machine for adding texture, especially to tree trunks.

More discussion about using good design principles.


Supply List

An extensive supply list will be provided.  You may choose to purchase all or just some of the items on the list, according to your interests.

Here is a preview:  a few items will be added as time goes on

Supply List Preview

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