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A Digital Experiment

Adding to the technique library

a digital experiment
I love learning new techniques and trying to find ways to use them in my work. 

I learned some Photoshop skills when I took an online course on building a website and marketing products.  I also did some exploring through reading Wen Redmond’s latest book titled, Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos & Fabric – Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece.

In February I had done some intense experimenting with her techniques and came up with my own creation, Views from Home, below.

a digital experiment

I wrote a fairly thorough blog post about it which you can read here.

As I took my walks around the neighborhood this spring I photographed flowers and trees as they exploded into bloom.

a digital experiment

I used my Photoshop skills to cut out some of these dogwood branches and saved them as a PNG file.

a digital experiment

I also photographed some beautiful pieces of art paper I purchased, two of which you can see below.

a digital experiment

a digital experiment

I digitally superimposed the dogwood branches onto the two different backgrounds and came up with these two images.

a digital experiment

a digital experiment

These images were printed onto commercially prepared for inkjet printing sheets of silk.  These were very thin habotai silk which, when pulled off their backing sheets after printing were quite unstable.  I ironed a fusible interfacing on the back before layering for quilting for some added stability.

Here are the finished mini quilts.  I mounted them on stretched canvas which I painted black. They are 8″ x 10″.

a digital experiment a digital experiment

a digital experiment a digital experiment

I used the echo quilting style which I thought would show off the blossoms.  You can see two different styles of echo quilting.  It does add a lot of movement but I think it is a bit distracting.  I’ll have to do a little more experimenting, I see!

You may find the sales page for these quilts here.

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  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful work! Where did you purchase the inkjet printing pieces of silk? Also, if I understand correctly, you photographed the paper and dogwoods and then printed them on the silk paper? Very interesting technique. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Rachel says:

      Thanks, Linda! You do understand correctly – I took photographed both the dogwoods and the paper, merged them into one image, and printed out on silk fabric sheets. I buy Jacquard Ink Jet Fabric 8.5” x 11” Silk Sheets (10 pack) on Amazon. I have also been using cotton sheets which are less expensive but sometimes the images and color are not as clear and sharp.

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