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100 Day Quilt Challenge

Show up to boost your creativity

100 day quilt project

We are so excited to announce a 100 Day Quilt Challenge in the Artful Quilting and Sewing Community.

We will start Feb. 8, 2021.  People are welcome to join mid challenge – you will just need to make up some time.

One of the best ways to build confidence and skill is to show up every day and just keep making. That is the goal of the 100 day challenge. This is a very self prescribed challenge in that you are the one making the rules about colors, size, shape, type of fabric, etc.

I have created an Album called 100 Day Challenge Ideas where you can see collections from others who have done challenges or just quilts which I think would be good candidates for this challenge.You will find this Album in the Artful Quilting and Sewing Facebook Group.  Just ask to join and answer a few questions.  You’ll receive your acceptance within a few hours.

100 day quilt project

Use this time to gather fabrics, choose colors, decide how you want it to look. It will probably evolve over time. Stay smallish 100 blocks is a lot of blocks.

We will be posting our blocks in this group as we make them – I would propose waiting until you have a grouping of several instead of posting every day. If you have a conflict with making for a few days you can always catch up another day.

100 day quilt challenge

I would also like you to post on Instagram if you have an account. Great hashtags would be #100dayquilt, #100daysofquilting, #100dayimrovquilt

You may use triangles, squares, hexagons, or any wonky shapes. All your blocks do not need to be the same size – it is your choice.

People are welcome to join mid challenge – you will just need to make up some time.

I want this to be something fun. I DO NOT want it to be something stressful so keep that in mind when you decide on your design. Some designs look kind of boring alone but in a grouping they look wonderful.

Questions? Post in the comments.

Let’s do this!


  1. Darlene Brackett says:

    What is a block? Is a half square triangle a block or does it only become a block when it is combined with others? If an applique is placed over many blocks does that change them to one block, is it a block on its own? If a background fabric is a design element of a quilt does it become a block?

    1. Rachel says:

      Very good questions! I am using the term, “block”, very loosely. A block can be a triangle, a hexagon, any wonky shape or group of improv pieced fabrics. Some of us, including me, are just creating a landscape quilt or cityscape quilt and posting a small segment of our progress everyday. This challenge has very few rules and those rules are largely created by the individual for themselves. You may define block as you wish. The point of the challenge is just to keep creating a little bit everyday and to encourage others in their progress.

  2. Mary says:

    Will you be doing another challenge? I am stuck and need a boost! It would be such an inspiration to have a small goal every day.

    1. Rachel says:

      What type of challenge would you be interested in, specifically? You are not the first person to ask. What would be most helpful? The last time we did it I left it very open ended and felt that it was not specific enough. Any ideas would be appreciated. Do you want to help organize it? Let me know!

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